Hi I am Tushar


I am pursuing Bachelors from the R.V. College of Engineering in Computer Engineering.
I have previously interned at Goldman Sachs (Bangalore, India), Indian Academy of Sciences (Bangalore, India), at Zomato (Gurgaon, India) and at Ethereal Machines (Bangalore, India) as a Software Engineer.

I am deeply interested in data analytics and web application development with an appreciation for great UI/UX design. I hack on a number of personal projects in my free time. I am proficient in PHP and Python and am familiar with C++ and various Javascript libraries.

Actively engaging in parliamentary debating, working on hackathon and research projects and holding leadership roles has helped me develop skills and perspective outside the engineering sciences.
Above experience and exposure combined with the analytical and mathematical background of engineering puts me in a unique position to, appreciate the value of a multidisciplinary approach while contributing to problem-solving.

I would prefer if you contact me via email or LinkedIn.