Housing X Github

Web App PHP Google Places API Javascript

Housing X is a preference based location optimizer. Based on the interests/preference of the user, Housing X pin points an area in the required city that satisfies the required parameters. In addition each paramter can be assigned a weight (indicatiing degree of importance).

Ranked Top 5 at Hackathon.

College Results Scraper

Personal Project
Python Selenium Phantom.js

Python app that retrieves results of all students based on paramters entered by the user. Utilizes Selenium to interact with the webpage. Phantom.js used remove browser dependent latency.

Capable of collecting results of over 2000 students in 70 seconds.

Book Recommendation App

School Project
Web App PHP Facebook Graph API Pearson Correlation

A book recommendation web app, powered by the Facebook Graph API working on collaborative filtering. Accesses the users book interests and ratings, and finds most similar book interests based on existing dataset. Adds each new users interests to the dataset to further enhance quality recommendation.

Recieved an A+ for the project.