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Data Analysis of Yelp - A Research Project

Research Project

o Researched cultural trends, behavioral patterns in dynamic communities of Yelp.
o Found Correlations between businesses and users (Modularity Community Detection), using NetworkX.
o Ascertained the chronological trend of ‘fake-reviews’ through various statistical methods of analysis.
o Statistically observed drop in ratings during busiest hour. o Presently constructing a weighted graph between business/users.

Awarded Indian Academy of Sciences, Research Scholarship. Seek to publish paper in 2016.

Academic Question Paper Creator Github

School Project
Win + Mac Javascript PHP MySQL

Academic Question Paper Creator allows professors of R.V College of Engineering to generate question papers based on paramters that they choose. Whenever a professor creates a paper, the system downloads it and organizes it inside the personal folder of the professor. The system implements a hierarchical access system, providing course coordinators to scrutinize the question papers generated by other professors.

This system is being considered for implementation at R.V College of Engineering.

Data Visualization Dashboard

Personal Project
PHP D3.js Javascript MySQL

The aim of this project is to create a data visualization dashboard with MySQL database as the data source. It accepts SQL queries to acquire needed data from the databsed. It utilizes the D3.js library to generate SVGs for various graphs. Customizability exists to alter dimensions of various graphs on dashboard.

Ethereal Machines Website

Freelance Project
HTML CSS Javascript

Ethereal machines is a start up that deals with CNC routers manufacturing. The website allows clients to view the various products, their features and also the various services available. The client can directly communicate with his/her query.